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Dennis Roger Reed

Three First Names
Songs About Tractors and Stuff continues Reed’s blending of a variety of “roots” music including but not limited to folk, blues, swing, and bluegrass, once again blending originals and new arrangements of some well-known songs, and some rarely discovered gems. And a great intermission song by Tim Horrigan.

Songs About Tractors and Stuff completes the trilogy that began with “Little King of Dreams” and continued with “Cowboy Blues.” All three projects harken both to different times while not ignoring the present. All feature original songs, some of which seemingly defy era. "Songs About Tractors and Stuff" takes a look at obvious influences (the Byrds, the Flying Burrito Brothers, Johnny Cash) but also pulls songs from possibly less likely sources (the Bee Gees, Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood.) The theme of returning home and revisiting the past remains as well.
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