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Dennis Roger Reed

Three First Names
Songs About Tractors and Stuff Dennis Roger Reed Songs About Tractors and Stuff continues Reedís blending of a variety of roots music including but not limited to folk, blues, swing, and bluegrass, once again blending originals and new arrangements of some well-known songs, and some rarely discovered gems. And a great intermission song by Tim Horrigan.

Reed features two separate bands, once again including bottleneck and swing guitarist extraordinaire Mike Dowling.

As always, itís a family affair with brother Don Reed holding down the core of the And Stuff Band on the second part of the recording. Dennisí wife Waverly Boling Reed returns as Art Director. The great cover is her work, and special mention must be made of the tractor wheel and tire CD and the tread tracks on the base of the digi-pack being particularly striking.

Songs About Tractors and Stuff completes the trilogy that began with Little King of Dreams and continued with Cowboy Blues. All three projects harken both to different times while not ignoring the present. All feature original songs, some of which seemingly defy era. Songs About Tractors and Stuff takes a look at obvious influences (the Byrds, the Flying Burrito Brothers, Johnny Cash) but also pulls songs from possibly less likely sources (the Bee Gees, Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood.) The theme of returning home and revisiting the past remains as well.

Songs About Tractors and Stuff is two projects glued together by Tim Horriganís delightful Intermission. The first half, Songs About Tractors, is the more acoustic of the two. It features Mike Dowling as the core of the band, with Dan Fuller on snare and hi hat and Jamey Holbrook on bass for most of the cuts. DRR adds guitars and mandolin. The And Stuff Band has Don Reed at the core and Phil Hawkins on drums, with DRR on guitars and bass. This second part is a bit more country in taste, with electric guitars and full kit drums.

†Folsom Prison Blues
Crazy Old Arms of Mine
Take A Whuff
Stone In My Shoe
Corrina Corrina
Shackles & Chains
Gasoline Alley
I Remembered That Iím Lonesome
Mr. Spaceman
Iím Finally Over You
Sin City
Spacey Grove
Mr. Lucky
After All This Time